Tonya wanted to create more than your average “word-a-day” website.

She wanted to use her research background to bring new meaning and insight to everyday words, and encourage people to think about these words in ways they might not otherwise. She also wanted to create a community that could gather around these words. The idea was that she would add five words every week that all related to each other in some way. Then she would add her own research and insight into the usage, history and meaning of the words. She needed a very custom frontend and a backend that was easy to work with. She wanted to publicize to her audience with a newsletter and she wanted it to be clean and inviting. She need a logo and branding consultation as well.
Site Features »
Totally customized homepage experience
Back-end heavily modified to suit “word-a-day” usage
Logo and branding design
Custom theme and back-end
Widgetized front page
Tabbed display on all words
MailPoet integration
BuddyPress integration
Ability to “save” words to a list for registered and unregistered users
Tabbed post display
Rotating background images that can easily be changed by the user
Programmatic alphabetical site archives
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