Website Development

You have a design, I can bring it to life.

I want to be sure that what you’re expecting from your design is something that can be delivered within the constraints of WordPress’s framework and your budget, so we’ll work together to make sure that your expectations are realistic and attainable, and make sure that you’re happy with the results I can deliver.


WordPress development. I’ll be building your site using the extremely popular and powerful WordPress content management system.

  • Why WordPress? (click to read more)
    Why not Joomla or Magento or XYZ content management system? I use WordPress exclusively for a number of reasons. First, it has one of, if not the, biggest ecosystems out there. There is more support for WordPress than almost any other platform. Second, it’s secure and has a long track record of updates and enhancements. Hundreds of people work every day to make it better and better. Third, it’s free. Using this framework lets me concentrate on making you the best product possible at no additional cost to you. Fourth, it’s flexible. I can do anything with WordPress, and I do mean anything. It’s scalable and easily modified at every level, meaning if you want something done, we can do it and you still get to have the outstanding usability WordPress is famous for.
  • Why a custom theme, why not a pre-made theme? (click to read more)

    Why should I get a theme custom made instead of buying one from a marketplace? While pre-made (“out of the box”) themes have their advantages, they come with some hidden pitfalls and there are some very good reasons I advise not using them if you’re serious about your online presence. With pre-made themes, you get what you pay for. As much as it’s a cliche, it’s often true.

    1. Since pre-made themes are much more popular, they tend to be an easy target for hackers. If they find a vulnerability in one theme, then they’ve found their way into hundreds, if not thousands of sites. My themes are secure, and unique. No one is hunting them down as potential targets, and I’ve never been hacked, not even once.
    2. Customization is harder on pre-made themes. They tend to be designed to look a certain way, and work and certain way, and when you want to step outside of that functionality you end up re-making a lot of the theme, if the changes are even possible. When you use a custom theme, I make it do exactly what you want, from the beginning. No shoehorning capabilities into some uncooperative theme you bought from some random site.
    3. Updates and support. While there are good developers making pre-made themes, you have no idea if you got one or not. Maybe they ripped off someone else’s work, maybe they will never answer e-mails, maybe they opened a security hole they can’t — or won’t — fix. You have no idea who is on the other end of that $39 theme you just bought, and often you’re on your own. When I build your theme, you can rely on me for as long as you use the theme. If anything goes wrong that you need help with, I’ll be there to help, for free, forever.

Web development services I offer:

Development from your design
From $800US

Modifications and consultation
From $60US/hour

Hello! I'd love to hear from you! Valid requests will be answered within 24 hours (accounting for time zones and such!).