A photographic expedition at a temple in Taipei


My name is Tony Kuehn (“Keen”).
I’m a location independent designer currently traveling the world with my wonderful wife, Steph. We left Nashville, Tennessee in August of 2012 and haven’t looked back since.

I do visual design.

I’ve been a designer for the last decade, working on everything from print to web to three-dimensional industrial design. Before that I was a professional photographer, shooting mostly weddings, portraits and food. I also did some pet photography and some product photography and quite enjoyed both. Prior to leaving on our trip, I was focusing on museum experiential design, which is a fancy way of saying “the things you see and interact with when you visit a museum.” I have trained in ADA conformance (Americans with Disabilities Act, now known as Standards for Accessible Design, or SAD. You can see why I prefer ADA), and can meet and exceed the most recent code requirements for visual design.

I do web design.

I have extensive experience working with the WordPress framework as a developer. I can code PHP and JQuery, and build themes from scratch. I am capable of providing a completely custom site, including backend modifications, that can meet any requirements you may need, all on the extremely user-friendly WordPress framework.

I do travel.

As we travel, we keep a blog of our adventures at Twenty Years Hence. My wife does most of the writing and I do most of the photography. Check it out if you’re interested in our journey!

Talk to me.

If you are interested in any sort of arrangement, be it design or photography, don’t hesitate to contact me.